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Cuts to front-line services.  Safe patient care at risk.  Manitobans count on us when it comes to delivering safe patient care.  Help us advocate for the preservation and improvement of vital health care services, so that all Manitobans can have access to safe, quality health care when they need it most:
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To my elected representatives,
Over the past few months, the provincial government has made a series of cuts to frontline health care services. These cuts are particularly concerning because they directly impact nurses’ ability to provide safe patient care.
Some of these cuts, such as the announced closure of three Winnipeg Emergency Departments will lead to widespread disruption of health services, as patients try to navigate the new system.
Despite their decision to close ERs, the government has failed to confirm how it will address and improve the delays associated with diagnostic testing and the insufficient supply of health human resources, both of which are documented factors proven to impact ER wait times.
Other cuts, though less publicized, include the refusal to replace the first sick call at several facilities across the province. It is no secret that nurses are already working short staffed, and these cuts put further strain on an already stretched thin nursing workforce.
It is apparent that government is reluctant to invest in innovations that will strengthen our public health care system and has opted to promote strategies that lead us down the path to privatization. This government has already alluded to privatization of diagnostic services, air ambulance services, and private-public partnerships for our long-term care system.
Time and time again Manitobans have placed their trust in our hands by voting nurses as the most trusted voice in health care. This is a role that we take seriously and with it comes great responsibility to not only advocate on behalf of our health care system, but the patients we care for.
A sustainable health system is made up of many interconnected factors, and every reduction in funding and services has far-reaching effects. Our government should be more focused on investing its way to a sustainable health care system, rather than its current strategy of cutting its way out of a deficit.
I urge you to reverse these harmful cuts, and support innovative, long-term strategies such as investment in primary care, a provincial health human resource plan, improving accessibility to diagnostic tests and a long-term care strategy to ensure that all Manitobans have timely access to safe, quality public health care.
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