The Contract or Collective Bargaining Agreement, CBA, obligates the employer to be fair and reasonable where it affects employees’ jobs and future. It is a binding contract between the Union and the Employer which specifies the terms and conditions of employment.  The current Collective Agreement is in effect from April 1, 2013 to March 31, 2017.  And although the contact has expired we continue to follow it until a new one is negotiated.  

As the agreements are specific & can vary from each Local/Worksite it is important to review each contract if working in multiple facilities.

The CBA has information on your rights & responsibilities including information about Workload Staffing Reports, Nursing Advisory Committee, the Grievance Process, benefits & wages, income protection & Long Term Disability, monies for education, Health & Safety concerns and discrimination.

To download your copy of the contract contact, follow the direction & click on Seven Oaks Nurses, Local 72.

As the contract can be difficult to interpret please feel free to contact the Local with your questions or concerns.