Nursing Advisory Committee

This is a joint committee between management at Seven Oaks & Worksite 72. This committee is made up of three representatives from both sides who meet at least bi-monthly to review Workload Staffing Forms, and a range of issues relating to policies & procedures. Information obtained by management at these meetings is also brought forward to the PCTMs & PDs.

Grievance Committee

A grievance is defined as a dispute between a nurse, group of nurses or the Union & the employer regarding the application of the Collective Bargaining Agreement, CBA. As outlined in Article 12 of the CBA there is a procedure which must be adhered to for a complaint to be heard & followed up with. When in doubt if you have a grievance a member can leave a voice mail message on the Union’s Voice mail at (204) 632-3295 or send an email to An Executive member will contact you for further details & will guide you to the appropriate individual to help you with your concern.

Workplace Health & Safety Committee

Worksite 72 & the employer meet regularly to discuss issues & concerns related to member’s safety while at work. This committee also identifies health & safety hazards in the workplaces & works diligently to ensure that our member’s safety is their priority. Article 7A of the Collective Bargaining Agreement, relating to a zero tolerance of staff abuse is reviewed yearly by this committee.
A component of this committee is the Rehabilitation & Return to Work Program. With the support of the OH & S Nurse & the Local a plan is put in place when a member is injured & requires an easing in to their former position.

Finance Committee

This committee is comprised of the Treasurer & up to five committee member, at least two of which are from the membership at large. The committee meet quarterly to review the accounts and collaborate to produce the budget for the upcoming year. This committee also suggests financial policies to be approved by the membership at the Local’s Annual General meeting.