Who We Are

Since the opening of Seven Oaks Hospital in 1981, Seven Oaks Nurses Union, Worksite 72, has represented Registered Nurses, Nurse Practitioners, Licensed Practical Nurses & Registered Psychiatric Nurses. As the hospital has grown so has the Worksite. Currently we have overt 450 members; fulltime, part time & casual. A Union run by nurses for nurses, the Executives have varying experiences but are also bedside nurses and therefore bring a special understanding to the table when dealing with member’s issues.

First & foremost the Union enables members to voice their concerns on issues affecting their work life. We believe that the primary role of Worksite 72 is to protect and support its members by enforcing the Collective Bargaining Agreement and ensure the standards are met, to organize member driven campaigns to improve working conditions, to advocate for nurses and provide educational opportunities and resources for our members.

Worksite 72 represents its members at the bargaining table, in Return to Work meetings, on the Workplace Safety & Health committee and other meetings with the employer. We strive to create an environment in which members feel free to discuss any concerns or questions in an open dialogue with the Executives. We encourage you to participate in your Local by attending General Meetings, educational opportunities, our Annual General Meeting and join a committee. These functions help you keep up to date on the goings on of the Union.

Worksite 72 is affiliated with the Manitoba Nurses Union who represents over 12 000 members in Manitoba.

Worksite 72 Member’s Responsibilities

As a member of Seven Oaks Nurses Union you have an important part to play in our Worksite. Because we are only as strong as our weakest link we ask that you be aware of the following;

  • Contact your Worksite immediately if you are called or receive a letter of discipline from the employer. The earlier we can intervene the better the outcome. You should always have representation at these meetings.
  • Complete Workload Staffing Reports & Occurrence Reports when needed. These forms are forwarded to the Worksite & can give us the information needed to push for changes on your behalf. Although it may seem as nothing happens when these forms are completed they create a paper trail that become evidence if needed.
  • Come to meetings! General meetings are held every 3 months & will give you a snap shot of what is going on. This is also a great venue to discuss issues of concern. The Annual General Meeting in March gives you an opportunity to vote in your Executive & Committee members, plan for the following year’s budget, enjoy the company of colleagues and have the chance to be elected to attend the Provincial Annual General Meetings as our delegate. The membership at large has the ultimate responsibility to vote on recommendations made by the committees & in turn creates the Worksite they want representing them. Information on meetings & other gatherings can be found on the MNU Boards.
  • Review & understand your Collective Bargaining Agreement, CBA. You can download a copy of both the CBA & the interpretation manual off the MNU website at www.manitobanurses.ca.
  • Review your pay stubs, seniority hours & vacation entitlements. These will impact your future & are your responsibility to ensure its accuracy. Contact your PCTM or HR as soon as possible if an error is discovered.
  • Know who your Executives, Committee Chairs & Ward Representatives are & contact them if you have any questions or concerns.