For those wanting to attend a conference or continue on with their education, there are many opportunities for funding.

  • Employer Sponsored Educational Development-Article 2407(c)
    A maximum of $200 per fiscal year can be obtained to attend workshops or other appropriate courses relevant to nursing practice and covers tuition, registration & course materials if needed. Applications for this fund can be found online through Interlinks. Your manager must sign this form in order for you to access the funds. Once the form is completed it can be mailed to the address on the bottom of the form along with the necessary supporting documentation. ALL members are required to access this fund first. As these monies do not get forwarded to the following year, they are then absorbed by the employer & lost to our members.
  • WRHA Continuing Education Fund
    Applications can be obtained from your PCTM. This fund covers registration & other expenses related to attending an educational function to a maximum of $500 per fiscal year. Extra monies are also available for nurses taking an unpaid educational leave of absence, up to 2 days per year. (This information is subject to changes, please contact the WRHA at for further information)
  • Seven Oaks Nurses Worksite 72
    This fund is supplemented with EI returns of part time & full time members. And as such only these members qualify for this fund. Applications can be found on the MNU Boards by the old cafeteria on the first floor & Dialysis/Oncology Department. A maximum per year, May 1st to April 30th, can be obtained for registration, books, accommodation, travel & child care expenses. Applications must be completed and submitted with all receipts within 30 days of course completion. Within 30-60 days a cheque will be mailed to the applicant’s home.  Please remember to access all other sources of monies prior to utilizing this fund.
    *As these monies are based on EI returns they are subject to change based on usage & input by our members. We therefore ask that you contact for further information on yearly maximums..
  • SOGH Bursaries/Awards:
    -Gudmunder Myrdal Bursary
    To assist full time students entering or continuing with post secondary studies in a health profession. Three $500 bursaries are awarded yearly.
    -Dr. Marvin Malyska Award
    To assist employees who are furthering their education in the mental health field.
    For full details on either of the above please contact Educational Services at SOGH at ext. 3180.
  • Keith Lambert Memorial Fund
    Monies available for labour oriented programs that are sponsored by organizations outside of the MNU. Further information can be obtained at
  • Joyce Gleason Scholarship Fund
    For the first time nursing student in Manitoba. For further information contact MNU at